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University Admission



Fill out the application form and pay the non-refundable application fee.



The student will receive a list of required courses to complete during the first semester. Gradually, students will take one course per month.



By completing your program requirements and when all financial obligations are met, your title will be awarded on graduation.


  1. Contact us to request an Admissions Application.

  2. Fill out the Admissions Application and pay the non-refundable application fee.

  3. Request your Transcripts (Transcript/Records) from all educational institutions where you studied previously, and submit them to the Director or Administrator of your nearest extension. All revalidations, equivalencies and approvals are analyzed and finalized by University home office.

  4. The Admissions Office will process your application together with the submitted Transcripts and additional documentation to determine your admission and revalidation.

  5. A suggested program will be proposed to the applicant, including its schedule of required courses.

  6. TThe student will pay the admissions fee and any applicable revalidation fees (depending on your country).

  7. The student will be introduced to his/her instructor in their location, and/or given instructions about taking courses online or correspondence.

  8. The student will receive a list of required courses to complete during their first semester. Students may take a minimum of one course and up to three courses per month.

By completing your program requirements and when all financial obligations are met, your Certificate will be awarded on Graduation day.


  1. Official transcript from the institution(s) where previously studied.
    This must be the original, authenticated and sealed by the University, signed by the appropriate authorities.
  2. Copies of degrees, Certificates, Diplomas or awards that were earned.
    Please submit copies, not the originals.
  3. A completely filled admissions application, signed and dated.
    This admission application may be downloaded from our website, or by emailing us.
  4. 2 letters of recommendation.
  5. Copies of any other license, ministry ordinations, or clergy memberships.
    These include Ministers License, Religious Groups Memberships, Public, Religious or Governmental organizations memberships.
  6. You must attach registration fee to your admissions application.
    Add the payment for all years to be revalidated


  1. Graduations will be each summer, in the months of June, July, or January, depending on your location. Graduation exact dates will be announced 3 months in advance.
  2. Every student must graduate each school year; from certificate (1st year) up to a Doctorate (mandatory)
  3. The student must comply with all their obligations;academic and financial, to qualify for graduation.
  4. The score of ratings will be calculated on a four point scale.
  5. The student must submit a thesis or dissertation 3 months before graduating with a Bachelor’s degree. This thesis or dissertation must be submitted by the student, then approved, signed and sealed by the Publications Committee, and will be presented to the student at time of graduation.
  6. The location of graduation will be announced 3 months in advance.
  7. All degrees will be awarded exclusively at the graduation.


  1. Thesis will be submitted by each student for each of thesedegree programs; Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctorate, or Ph.D.
  2. Bachelor Degree Programs: 50 pages, 10 references minimum.
  3. Master Degree Programs, 75 pages, 15 references minimum.
  4. Doctorate Degree Programs, 100 pages, 20 minimum references.
  5. Ph.D. Programs (Doctorate in Philosophy), 150 pages, 25 references minimum.
  6. The chosen topicsmust be according to the registered program of study.
  7. The thesis/dissertation will be written in APA format, for publication and binding.
  8. Delivery dates: January 1st: Title and References; March 15th: preliminary (rough draft); March 31st: final delivery.
  9. Every student must submit 1 written thesis, also 1 thesis in electronic format.
  10. Additional instructions will be given to students during the course of the school year.