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Dr. Adrian Najera has dedicated his life to Christian Ministry through Theological teaching and preaching of the Gospel. At a young age, God has given him a mission to share the Gospel throughout the globe to pastors, religious leaders and lay men and women in bible colleges. His mission is the constant search of energetic and committed leaders to fulfill the functions of the Kingdom of God in this era. Dr. Najera has clearly understood that God has made us, the church, responsible for this generation.

After a prosperous career in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, God called him to full time ministry September 11th, 2001. Dr. Najera traveled the world in business endeavors as an Engineer, not knowing that God was really training him for International Christian Ministry. He has three Doctoral degrees; Theological Studies, Church Administration and Christian Counseling & Psychotherapy (Biblical Model).

As a minister, God introduces him to his one and only wife, Dr. Lety Najera (Christian Counseling and Church Administration). They work together in Ministry, along with the University Staff out of the Dallas, Texas USA headquarters, where they normally receive directors and students from 12 to 15 countries to participate in training and graduation ceremonies.

Their greatest mission goal is the training and transformation of leaders willing to face the challenges of the 21st century church and 21st century society.

“His passion is the expansion of the Kingdom of God in various areas of Ministry. He challenges God’s people to do Christian ministry in unexplored territory, especially in areas where the Gospel is scarce. Prison ministry, missions, pastoral work, evangelism, bible colleges, etc.”

He strongly believes that “Only the Word of God possesses the power to transform nations, ideologies, rooted religious beliefs, and of all… your own heart.”

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